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Why Getting a Dental Implant Is Better Than Dentures

If you have been told that you need a tooth pulled or if you have already lost a tooth, you may be debating your options to have a new tooth attached in place of the one that is or will be lost. A missing tooth can be an eyesore, impacting your physical appearance. It can make activities like talking and eating more difficult, and it can also even affect the health and strength of your jaw bone. With this in mind, you understandably want to find a feasible solution for overcoming the many challenges of tooth loss.

What Dentures Offer

A partial denture will be custom-made to replace the external space where the tooth was. It will be affixed to your gum line so that it looks and functions like a real tooth, and nobody may be able to tell that you have a denture rather than a real tooth. This is a tooth that can be removed, which makes it easy to clean. However, this is where the benefits associated with dentures end.