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How Can a Cosmetic Dentist Help You and Your Family?

The best thing that you can do for your family is to make certain they can get in to see the dentist when they need more dental work. You can bring anybody in the family in at any time to make certain that their teeth are cared for, and a cosmetic dentist is going to help you get services you need that you might not be able to get in other places.

The cosmetic dentistry services you need is going to turn smiles around, and you can get that for yourself or your family no matter what the circumstance is.

Fixing Dental Issues

There are many people who are going to have issues with their teeth, and you do not want them to feel weird about their smile. You can bring the family into the office to get better care, and you can bring your kids in when they are in need of help. Your kids are going to feel very weird about certain things that make their smiles odd, and you can get rid of those oddities as fast as possible.


Solutions for Missing Teeth: When Is a Dental Implant a Good Option?

One of the most common reasons people seek a cosmetic dentist for dental implants is when they have lost a tooth or teeth due to dental disease. Injuries are also common reasons for people to lose teeth. Many people like the flexibility of implants because they look and function much like natural teeth.

Who Is a Dental Implant Candidate?

Candidates for a dental implant in Lehigh Valley should have good oral health, although the right dentist can help you treat whatever oral conditions need to be addressed. Your gums should be disease-free for the best results. It is also necessary to have sufficiently healthy bones to support the implants.

What Patients Can Expect Before and After a Dental Implant Procedure

Nowadays, most people can get dental implants to replace their missing teeth and restore their smiles. The process of placing and integrating dental implants to your gums, however, takes quite a long time, and multiple visits to your dentist might be needed. In the end, you’ll have a replacement tooth (or teeth) that are as strong as your natural ones and can last for a long time, with proper care.

You’re aware of the many benefits dental implants can give you and your oral health, but you might be anxious about what will actually happen when you have them placed by your dentist. After all, the idea of having implants surgically placed in their mouths is enough to make anyone nervous.

Dentists Recommend Dental Fillings and Sealants to Prevent Total Decay

You know you have tooth decay if one of your teeth looks like popcorn. The dark center that spreads outward from the groove is the most apparent sign. Not only will decay damage the look of your teeth, but it will also produce a bad smell that can send away anyone you try to talk to. Tooth decay in its severe stage also results in pain when the nerves of the infected tooth start to get irritated.A decayed tooth has to be extracted before it affects its adjacent teeth or worse yet leads to a periodontal disease when bacteria reach the gums. Dentists in Lehigh Valley, however, will refuse to extract a tooth in which decay is just on its early stage. They know this type of decay can still be prevented from spreading. Instead of extraction, they will recommend dental filling.

Dental Implant: For Improved Natural Smile, Comfort, and Oral Health

For patients with serious dental problems such as missing or chipped teeth, cosmetic work is often the best option. Other than the fact that smiling with missing teeth showing through isn’t attractive at all, the gaps can pose some serious health risks. Fortunately, dental implants have become popular options to improve smile, comfort, and overall oral health for many patients.

Dental implant procedures enjoy a very high success rate where local anesthesia is adequate to perform these outpatient procedures. However, a three-step process is widely practiced that involves burying the implant underneath the gum, connecting an abutment or post and allowing the gum to heal around it, and finally, placing the prosthetic tooth (or teeth) on the osseointegrated implant. Osseointegration (bone cells attaching themselves to the titanium surface, locking implant into the jaw bones) takes 3 to 6 months.

Dental Issues: Lehigh Valley Dentists Shed Light on Teeth Grinding

Majority of trusted Lehigh Valley dentists have seen their fair share of different dental issues; some profound, some meager. One of many such concerns is bruxism, otherwise known as teeth grinding, a condition that involves constant clenching and grinding of the teeth, typically at night. According to the American Sleep Association, about 10 percent of adults and 15 percent of children suffer from bruxism, which has been known to cause other dental problems down the line.

While it can occur in both adults and kids, bruxism has been found to be more common among 25-44 year olds. It is classified into two types: awake and sleep bruxism, which are essentially what their names imply—awake bruxism denotes the involuntary clenching of the teeth and jaw bracing as a type of reaction, while sleep bruxism is the exact opposite characterized by rhythmic and continuous jaw muscle contractions during slumber.